Rudolf Budja

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Art, sportscars and watches are known to be desired collectibles for passionate connoisseurs. Rudolph Budja, a man neither intrigued by price tags nor by numbers, is a re-known transatlantic art trader and lifestyle aficionado. Actually music was his first love. It helped kick off an exciting and fulfilling journey that he calls life. Nowadays, music remains to nourish the Austrian’s own creativity, but he has broadened his scope of sensual relationships to iconic artists, cars and other design masterpieces.

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In the past 30 years, Rudolph Budja has dedicated his time and energy to collecting and trading art. Art has let Rudolph Budja grow from an 18 year-old Austrian DJ stranded in NYC’s nightclubs to a valued character in the international art scene. Similar to other great connoisseurs of passion assets, such as Francois Pinault,, Alice Walton, Jay Leno, Nick Mason or Shawn Carter better known as Jay-Z, Rudolph Budja trusts his instinct. Emotions lead him stronger than rational decisions. Feelings accompany his judgment on art just as much as on people that he choses to surround himself with.

His childlike affection is paired with constant vision of how to invest his time and energy. And it is sure to say that his natural talent has paid off. Understandably, the Austrian has set up a unique space that is home to international signature pieces. At Rudolph Budja Gallery Miami, select guests are welcome to indulge in anything from Andy Warhol originals to Golden Doughnuts, from a Steinway piano to a 356 Porsche. His Fine Art Dinners seat young artists, next to CEOs, homeless next to Dotcom billionaires. Where others see an area of conflict, Rudolph Budja recognizes opportunity. He filters through a simply binary code – like and don’t like.

What Rudolph Budja likes are interesting characters, good food and tasty wines. Experiences that money can’t buy are what he creates by exposing people he likes to things he likes in a setting that inspires him. This magic formula automatically generates engaging communication and bonding, both perfect conditions for growth. Yet, his hosting skills are not driven by business interest, but more by the outcome of having invested his time sensibly. Fortune or destiny, that his magic formula has also given him purchasing power to collect objects of desire.

As a trader he understands that emotional value is much stronger than monetary power. His currency overlaps different markets, people and assets. As a professional he notes quality as the key indicator for value enhancement. Consequently, whatever he chooses to like and collect is signified by outstanding craft. Quality paired with emotional value and storytelling allow him to offset his objects of desire in a very liberal form: he trades art for cars or fine wines for watches.

A true connoisseur in Plato’s sense, desire, emotions and knowledge lead Rudolph Budja to generate a business environment that shares enthusiasm instead of calculations. To him, enthusiasm is a rare good in times of abundance and on demand availability.

However, Rudolph Budja is not a sentimental character with interest to retain the past. As a trader Rudolph Budja much more seeks constant development and motion. Almost restless he travels the world to incorporate new ideas and trends alongside young talents. Balance and fulfillment he finds in his passion for objects that keep their meaningfulness over time.