Sablina Fox

Art With Me

Sablina is a contemporary mixed media painter from Moscow, Russia. She was born just as the USSR was breaking up, and bridges the gap between classical art of the past, and freedom of expression of the future. While she is a classical artist and art school graduate, where she learned the ropes of academic art she opted for a more creative career and dedicated herself to fine art. Due to travelling and interaction with different cultures, her artistic vision was developing, and later after her first visit to New York, she found the main theme of her art and obtained a distinctive style.

As a result of that development was an internal revolution that turned the artist with a classical background into a bright representative of modern painting. Retaining the best of academic education, Sablina has stepped over conservative and patriarchal plots and the old-fashioned representation of women in art.

Mysterious portraits, sensual scenes painted in monochromatic pink-purple colour will bring you into a romantic mood. The combination of lights, materials and technique used by the artist creates the effect of “wet paintings”. The artist defines her works as “eromantic” art and says: “I want to celebrate our bodies and create a space that minimizes judgement and encourages self-expression.”



Erotic art has been discredited and misunderstood through the most part of the last century as an art of vulgarism and associated with dirt. However, when created by a painter like Sablina, erotic painting is a powerful creative force. The true goal of her art is a liberation of the viewers’ hidden energy, she wants to spark your imagination, so you can use the received power to fulfil your creative ideas. Seeing her paintings is entering into the sensual world

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