Shamanic Tonic

Breathe With Me

Shamanic Tonic is South Florida’s artisan superfood / superherb elixir and artisan wellness line. We’ve been serving raw chocolate and ceremonial elixirs and alchemical remedies since 2015.

Erik “Guru” Lieux is founder and creator of South Florida’s artisan superfood / superherb elixir and powder line – Shamanic Tonic. With his deep interest and passion for the plant kingdom, he was guided towards working more intimately with one of his favorite plant teachers of all time – Theobroma Cacao, aka raw chocolate.




Before Europeans began confectionizing raw chocolate from the Central and South Americas in the 17th century, raw cacao had been used ceremonially by indigenous cultures for centuries. Keeping the ancient wisdom of chocolate drinking ritual in tact, Erik brings a modern day practicality into the centering, energizing and uplifting journey.

His specialized “The Ceremonial Cacao Elixir” (available in our shop) is unlike any cacao you may have tried before.

During the journey, participants are guided into reflective meditations and relevant ritualistic components going deep into the heart of Self. The ceremony usually is followed by an ecstatic dance journey through sound and free form movement that the energizing cacao blend more readily allows for.

As music is key to the movement journey, Erik has also developed the skill set of DJing a blend of upbeat world fusion/tribal/electronic music into the cacao experience for a seamless sojourn of energized expression.



Erik has truly embraced the Renaissance Road towards living and developing skills to a point of mastery. He also is a professional event and wedding photographer of 10 years (, and simultaneously earned his Masters degree from NSU in mental health and wellness operating as a practicing Licensed Mental Health counselor for several years. As his journey from the “mental to the fundamental” continues to evolve, so to does what the message of sacred cacao has to share.