Spanglish City

Dance With Me

There’s a place so unique in the Americas, so all encompassing of its cultural diaspora, that it has, from the origins of two languages, spawned its own dialect. If you’ve visited this singular subtropical region in the United States, then you’ve probably heard it spoken. That dialect is Spanglish and it is a magical transformation of communication no less magical than the city it was born in: Miami, Florida.

In the same manner that, generation after generation, Miami’s people have recreated their language, their music has also encompassed all of the ingredients it has evolved from. This Miami band has the pot cooking every single flavor to perfection. Inspired by local greats that created the “Miami Sound”, Spanglish City formed in early 2019. A vision by producer/composer, MC Michelangelo 305 and members of another local musical act,12 String Theory. With socially conscious and passionate lyrics, marinated with their infectious energy, together they seamlessly blend the genres of Hip-Hop, Rock, Funk, and Afro Latin Rhythms into a fusion soulfully representative of their city. They have a rhythm that speaks directly to the body, music that moves the mind and one’s internal vibe to either dance, or change the world for the better, and possibly even both.

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