Tania Castellanos

Breathe With Me

Tania Castellanos is originally from Venezuela, and she took her first yoga class in 2000 and fell in love immediately with the connection to the inner body through something so simple as the breathe and it was fascinating. She saw the transformation in herself and it led her to take teacher training and become a yoga teacher. Tania loves to share her practice and help others reach stages or moments that they don’t even imagine exist; she calls this “yoga breakthroughs”.



Tania is a certified yoga instructor under the Skanda Yoga program run by renowned yogis Ken Von Roenn & Lina Vallejos. Tania’s classes are dynamic with an emphasis on breathing and the art of alignment, all part of the Skanda principles. She teaches yoga as a way to give her students a message of intention and help them contemplate what to take from the class into their daily life.