The DNA Company

Breathe With Me

The DNA Company is a functional genomics company that provides people with personalized tools to unlock their cognitive and physical potential.

Every cellular process in your body is instructed by the 22,000 genes that make up your genetic code. Our nutrition, lifestyle and environment decisions impact our genetic function. Decode your genes so you can make the right choices.



Founder Kashif Khan is leading the DNA Company to show the world how to prevent disease, slow down the process of aging, and to optimize performance. As one of Canada’s most innovative biotechnologists and entrepreneurs, Kashif is also publishing a book that will tell the story of how he used functional genomics to rise above a legacy of hardship and family illness, optimize his mental, physical and spiritual health, and found a company that helps people prevent and overcome chronic disease, aging, and poor performance.

Through case studies of people with whom The DNA Company has worked – professional athletes and teams, weekend warriors, coaches, physical trainers, organizations, executives, special operations forces, and people recovering from injuries – this series will serve as an inspirational and practical guide for people who want to develop and implement their own personalized plans based on their unique genetic profiles.