Tyson Ayers

Art With Me

Tyson ayers (he/they) is an experimental sound artist, immersive experience designer and large-scale installation artist based in Chimacum, WA.

Their work explores human perception of auTheir work explores human perception of aural phenomena, non-traditional storytelling, Jungian archetypes, and art-generated altered states.

They are passionate about using innovative art in immersive environments to shift people’s perspectives and experience of their senses, and for using these moments to incite new relationships with themselves, others, and the world around us.

Their large-scale sound sculptures include architectural spaces surrounding people in thousands of strings sympathetic resonating and echoing back every sound made inside, bike paths functioning as huge musical records playing melodic vibrations as people ride over them and giant musical harps played by the wind.

They have shown and/or performed at the DeYoung Museum, Burning Man, Maker Faire, Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australia), Lightning in a Bottle and has received recognition from San Francisco Arts Commission OPG and IAC awards, Zellerbach Family Foundation, SF Weekly Masterminds, and Rainbow Arts & Culture Grant (Victoria, Australia). Press includes pieces by NPR-Affiliates KALX, Forbes, Echo Magazine and San Francisco Chronicle.