Vanessa Vidal

Care With Me, Play With Me

Vanessa Vidal is certified in mindfulness from the Yomu Institute, and graduated from the Ladybug Yoga as a Kids Yoga instructor.

Vanessa has been a kids yoga and mindfulness instructor for about 4 years now. She believes in a life free of judgment, filled with joy and gratitude.

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Vanessa donates a portion of proceeds from her classes as well as her events to the Ayudame a Vivir Foundation – a foundation that provides funding to children in Guatemala that are battling cancer. The foundation helps children obtain healthcare as well as transportation, medicine and treatments.

She started teaching kids because they are a reflection of what she believes in. When doing her certification Vanessa felt her life purpose is to teach children because they have so much to teach us.

She believes that the practice of yoga and mindfulness combine has a positive impact in a child’s life journey. It helps children to increase their ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress, anxiety and depression. It can also help them to better focus their attention, learn to observe their thoughts and feelings without judgment.

Because all of this Vanessa decided to create a place where children can be themselves and learn how to incorporate the tools given into their daily life and connect to themselves and their surroundings, and this is how Kids & Yoga Love Music was created.