Yamila Hernandez

Breathe With Me

Muse, Artist, & Goddess Yamila Hernandez is a living proof that you can be your own Masterpiece. @Mi_Yami

Her latest inspiration comes from sensuality, spirituality, nature, indigenous culture, and the empowerment of the divine feminine.

She has created an Art Form from her Radical Self Expression. Curating many different types of transformative experiences.

Today she lives in Tulum Mexico, where she Founded “Primal Prayer” an ecstatic dance offering to Spirit, connecting us to our Primal Self and she is also the Creative Director of “The Fairydom” A Sensual Art Goddess Collective.

Her mission is to be the permission for others to feel free to be their authentic self and fully embody who you are.

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The Fairydom Fairies are channels of the divine feminine, mother of All. We Specialize in explorations in the spectrum of sensation to renew the pleasure of presence. The Fairy Goddess Collective curates sensual immersion therapy experiences to heighten and refine the efficacy of our senses unleashing ultimate freedom of expression.

To enrich enjoyment and enhance our capacity of fulfillment by nourishing And attuning the instrument that is your body ~ temple ~ vessel. Remembering the powerful purity of the sensual creative life force.

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