Zeta The Babe

Dance With Me

“Zhareyahnna Hollingsworth is a Michigan-born singer and songwriter who got her start in Tampa, Florida. She came from a family of musicians and teachers which is why you’ll catch her playing the saxophone; using it to supplement her sound. She started going by Zeta the Babe in 2017 when she decided to throw herself into music and wrote her first song called“My Love Story”.

After quite a few open mic night appearances, she got a show through Charles Indigo of Tampa and from then on never left the stage. Upon building a solid rapport with a local collective, Zeta the Babe started performing at dozens of places throughout Tampa and the US including Tulsa OK, and Brooklyn NY to name a couple.

In 2019, she moved to Houston, Texas for over a year in order to perform and find her inner artistry. Upon her return in January of 2022, she released her debut album called“Finally” through SymphonicDistribution. Her last big performances were to celebrate her album release. The first was her“Finally” listening party held at Overflow Brewing Company in St.Petersburg Florida on April 15th, which was fully curated by her. The next day was her Album release at The Hub in Downtown Tampa where she performed with a live band including a cellist and pianist. Zeta truly believes that anything is possible through dedication and accountability stating, “If you fail then you’ll grow and eventually succeed.””

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