Mateus Art

Born in 1995 in Cali, Colombia, Mayra Mateus, known professionally as Mateus Art (, is an emerging pop artist superstar with a powerful message. After a difficult transition from Colombia to Miami, she and her mother lived in a one-room apartment. When she was 16, Mayra became what she calls a “professional cashier” as she held down jobs three jobs at a pizzeria, a department store and on Miami Beach. It was the at the pizzeria where she painted murals on the walls that she discovered her passion for art.

Inspired, she created a brand that she trademarked around a piggy bank character and has created a portfolio of various mediums and pieces incorporating this symbol. The message she portrays with pigs and piggy banks is “Saving Dreams,” to remind people that pursing your dreams is more important than focusing on money.

Like many young artists. Mayra launched her brand on Instagram (mateusart_) where she very quickly gained devoted followers who loved her pop art piggy banks and piggy artworks, and was noticed by such brand names as Puma, Hugo Boss and Footlocker, who have since commissioned her for original artwork.


As she grew in her art and self-confidence, Mayra discovered the street and spray-paint style of vibrant Wynwood Village in Miami, a neighborhood well-known for its pop art murals covering the walls of many buildings in the district.

Like many of us, Mayra has fought depression in her life, and her art has given her an outlet to express herself and hopefully inspire others to be true to themselves. 

She adds, “Depression is real. As a society, we must acknowledge that and stop ignoring that pain and depression affect so many at different points in their lives.”